A Letter from our Founder

by admin | Nov 2, 2018

Dear Job Seeker,

There’s a better world out there.

It’s only a few clicks away. Aspen, the Hamptons, Key West, Lake Tahoe, Martha’s Vineyard, southern California, the Caribbean… have you ever asked yourself why you don’t live in one of these places?

Have you ever asked why you ride the MARTA every day in Atlanta, or sit in logjam traffic outside of Boston? Have you ever wondered if suffering New Jersey Transit or the NYC subway is really the way things have to be?

How much time each month do you actually spend pursuing your passions? Are you a climber? A skier? A sailor? A kayaker? Wouldn’t you rather be surfing? Or biking? Or fly fishing?

We’re launching PeakSeason because we believe finding a job shouldn’t keep you from living someplace spectacular. We’re building a tool to help you find the job of your dreams, in the place of your dreams. Places where other people come for vacation, but to you it’s just home.

We’ve got hundreds of jobs in some of the most inspiring places on the planet. And we’re growing fast. We’re launching today in Colorado and Utah, and look for us to expand to your other favorite destinations by this summer.

Do you have what it takes to live an extraordinary life? We think you do. Take your first step away from ordinary, and create a free account on PeakSeason.com today.


Lee McMillan
Founder, PeakSeason