10 Seasonal Jobs That Provide RV Parking

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So you’ve decided to join the #rvliving movement, and now you’re wondering: 1) How can I earn money living in an RV? And 2) Where and how can I park my big RV?

First of all, congrats! You are taking one step closer to your chosen lifestyle of adventure, and we support you! The best part? There are seasonal jobs that make RV living possible. Finding work while living in an RV is easier than you think. You just have to know where to look.

So, not to worry, we’ll share our top ten seasonal jobs that offer RV parking, plus industries for you to discover more seasonal opportunities.

Why Seasonal Jobs Are a Perfect Fit for RV Living

If you value flexibility and mobility, seasonal jobs are a great option to help you sustain your current mobile lifestyle. To quickly summarize, seasonal jobs are any kind of work that you hold for a certain period of time–usually a season–like summer or winter.

So, if you enjoy being on the move, looking for seasonal jobs is a great way to begin your job hunt. Moreover, employers located in the most beautiful locations (think Yosemite, Aspen, etc.) hire seasonally. If you want to familiarize with how seasonal employment works, definitely check out our comprehensive overview of seasonal jobs.

Seasonal Employers and Industries That Offer RV Parking

Not all seasonal jobs are created equal. Many, but not all, seasonal employers provide RV parking. Not to worry though; we’ve helped you narrow down your focus!

For your RV parking needs, start your job search on the following industries, as they typically provide work camping opportunities. You’ll notice that they trend in the outdoor and recreational space.

Workamping Seasonal Jobs That Offer RV Parking | National Parks | PeakSeasonJobs

10 Industries to Look for Seasonal Work

  1. Forestry & Logging. This is a highly seasonal industry, dominated by government employment. Work anywhere from logging to tree nurseries.
  2. National Parks / Preserves. Yosemite, Yellowstone, you name it, our beloved national parks offer jobs in the most beautiful places on earth. If you want to work and live among nature, look no further.
  3. Amusement Parks. Love theme parks? Lucky for you, employers will allow you to park your RV for free, as they have plenty of parking available. And oftentimes, you’ll get some cool employment benefits too, like discounted seasonal passes!
  4. Camp and Campgrounds. Even campgrounds need someone to take care of the onsite.  
  5. Dude Ranches & Farms. Farms and ranches can always use an extra pair of hands or two. If you like working with animals or have a green thumb, consider looking for jobs here.
  6. Retreat Centers. If you love to meditate or get your yoga on, consider a job at a retreat center. Many of these locations provide RV and van parking for free.
  7. Resorts. Ski resorts are a great place to find employers who offer RV parking. These locations are often outside of town, and it will be easy to find parking for your RV here. Extra plus if you’re a skiing seasonaire.
  8. Golf Courses. Golf courses are highly seasonal, as grass only grows when it’s nice and sunny out! There are over 15,000 golf courses in the US alone!
  9. RV Parks. Ah RV parks, where your fellow RVers camp! These park grounds often need help with maintaining operations and campgrounds. You’ll probably find the most RV-friendly jobs here.
  10. Lakefront properties. Lake properties often need seasonal maintenance, so you can expect to find jobs. And because lakes are usually not close to metropolitan areas, parking space should be readily available.
Workamping Seasonal Jobs That Offer RV Parking | PeakSeasonJobs

10 Jobs That Offer RV Spaces

Now that you know which employers provide RV parking, here’s a selection of our top seasonal jobs. This is definitely not an exhaustive list but gives you a good idea of the spectrum of jobs available to you. Note that parking generally comes for free or for a discounted price if you want to just park or even get the full hookup for your RV.

  1. Activity Director
  2. Groundskeeper / Security
  3. Wrangler / Guide
  4. Camp Manager
  5. Cook
  6. RV Technician
  7. Resort
  8. Musician / Entertainer
  9. Housekeeping
  10. Gift Shop / Retail Clerk

Other Useful Tips for Your Job Search

Search by Industry. Broaden your search by industry than by specific jobs. You may inadvertently limit yourself if you only look by a certain job type. Opening up your job hunt to industry-wide opportunities may give you more options–and therefore more opportunities–for you and your RV.

Search by State. Some states, like Alaska, are more seasonal by nature. Organizing your job by state may optimize your job search.

Apply on time. As the name suggests, seasonal jobs hire seasonally. Make sure to apply within the right window! If you’re not sure where to start, feel free to check out the PeakSeason job board today. It’s free to sign up. We specifically curate seasonal jobs in some pretty breathtaking locations.

Just want to know where to park? On the other hand, if you already have a job, and just want to know where to park your RV with ease, check out Kampgrounds of America. They have a solid selection of places where you can park for a daily or monthly fee.

Insights From RVers

Here are some expert tips on workamping from Workers on Wheels and RV Love.

What was your personal experience like workamping?

Workers on Wheels: We started working-while-RVing in the summer of 1991, working as flea market vendors. Since then, our work has included everything from managing a museum to operating heavy equipment, editing an RV club magazine to rebuilding a steam locomotive, and crafting birdhouses to organizing fundraisers for non-profit organizations. As working RVers, we get to travel, try new things and learn new skills, and to experience life from northern Alaska to the southern tip of Texas.

What can you expect when workamping?

RV Love: Workamping can be a wonderful and more affordable way to experience the RV life. Typically, you will get a free campsite in exchange for the hours you work at a location. It could be a campground or RV park, national/state park or another facility. Some workamping jobs also pay an hourly wage on top of a free (or discounted) campsite. Many workampers enjoy the opportunity to meet others and stay active while enjoying a season (or longer) at a workamping job.

Where did you make your temporary RV residence while workamping?

Workers on Wheels: We were South Dakota residents when we started RVing. We’ve since become Alaska residents. Most of the time, we live in our RV, parked on the property where we are working. However, some work requires that we live off-premises. When we cannot park at the work site, we find an RV park or another suitable place to park.

RV Love: RV parks and campgrounds are a great alternative, even some mobile home communities. You may even find land you can park on, often advertised locally on Craig’s List or Facebook or other online forums. Many workamping jobs – say working the old field gates – offer RV camping on-site, you may not even have to travel.

In your opinion, what are some of the better temporary jobs to target while workamping?

Workers on Wheels: Which jobs are best depend on the skills, experience, interests, wants, and needs of each RVer. The “why” is really important! Some RVers work because they need to earn a living and save for retirement, while other RVers work to have something to fill their time or to give back to society. RVers are such a diverse group that the best job for one is totally inappropriate for another.

RV Love: It really depends on what you enjoy, your skill set and personality. Also how much you want to work, the seasons and geographical areas. If you like dealing with people and being outdoors, perhaps being a welcome ambassador at an RV resort – guiding guests to their campsites upon arrival, driving around in a golf cart and helping them get safely parked in their spot – would be a good fit for you. If prefer doing DIY maintenance/handyman or landscaping work, taking care of the property. Some great indoor jobs in the welcome center or in the store may appeal. For introverts who prefer quiet, solo time, consider housekeeping duties cleaning cabins and bathhouses.

But don’t limit yourself to campgrounds – Workamping jobs are everywhere! Some other roles may align with your interests – say doing lighthouse tours, or guided walks of an area. You may even find jobs in the local area that pays more for seasonal work than workamping would (eg. nursing, hospitality).

What are some tips on finding the best workamping jobs?

Workers on Wheels: Well, of course, we recommend Workers On Wheels, both the newsletter and the website—both are free for RVers to use. Know why you are looking for a job—money, free place to camp, socialization, help a worthy cause, keep busy, etc. Be honest with yourself and future employers about how much you are willing to work. Be open to new adventure and to doing jobs you’ve never done before. Make a list of things you’d like to do. Then, try to figure out who might pay you to do those things. Make a list of places you’d like to go. Then, look to see what kind of jobs are available in those places.

RV Love: Put together a good, concise resume highlighting your relevant skills and experience, as well as your interests. Don’t forget to highlight your soft skills and personality as well. Pull together some references from people that can vouch for you too. Set up a profile at Workamper.com and start researching the many different kinds of workamping jobs available to narrow down your search. Even consider doing some volunteer work at an RV park or campground you’re staying at, to get some relevant experience and a reference from them. Who knows, they may lead to something for you. Word of mouth referrals are always great, so don’t be afraid to let people know you’re looking for workamping jobs. Just be clear on what you’re looking for eg. location, type of work, and whether or not you want to be paid. If you prove yourself to be a reliable, valuable workamper, you won’t have trouble finding good positions, and will likely be asked to return for future seasons.

Seasonal Jobs Are a Great Place to Find Work That Offers RV Parking

Finding a job that allows you to park your RV is not as difficult as you think! As long as you know where to look, you should be fine. Did any of these jobs surprise you? What cool jobs have you worked before that offered RV parking? Share with us in the comments below!

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