Ski Every Day This Season with These 7 Resort Jobs

12/18/2018 by by admin

Is your 9-to-5er getting in the way of your skiing or snowboarding? Well, it doesn’t have to. Here are 7 great resort jobs in ski resort areas that allow you to hit the slopes practically every day. And the best part is that several of these gigs usually include lift passes as a perk!

Ski Instructor

Well, duh, this one’s pretty obvious. Is it even a job if the job is to go skiing every day? The pay says it is. Ski instructors can generally make anywhere from ~$12 to upwards of $30 per hour, and that’s before tips. Start teaching private lessons and the tips can be pretty lucrative. Some veteran ski instructors report making upwards of $70/hour to do something the rest of us have to pay over $100 a day to do in our free time. Tough to find a better way to spend a winter.

Retail Associate at a Ski Shop

How can you ski every day if you’re working at a ski shop? The answer is split shifts. Many ski shops (and other mountain base retail stores) offer unusual shifts because of the traffic patterns within their stores. Most traffic occurs early in the morning (from roughly 8am to 10am) and again in the afternoon (3pm to 5pm). So often times you’ll find that you can punch out and hit the slopes from about 11am to 2pm no problem. Get a few runs in, and then head back down for the afternoon rush. These gigs also lend themselves particularly well to part-time work, too.

Bartending/Waiting/Food Prep

A different way to free yourself up in the day is to work in the evenings. Catch on at a restaurant for the evening shift, and you can ride the lifts beforehand. Resort areas have no shortage of food and beverage opportunities, many of which are evening gigs for the dinner rush. Open schedules during the daytime and lucrative tips make these resort jobs go quickly though, so be sure to apply early. Get hired for the winter season, and if you’re lucky, you can hang on to one of these jobs year-round.

Ski Patrol

If helping Jerrys defog their goggles isn’t quite your thing, you don’t have to be an instructor to get paid to ski. Prepare for a true adventure and join the ski patrol. You better prepare to endure the cold though; there are no hot chocolate breaks for these guys and gals. Whether boot-packing dangerous terrain or helping stranded skiers, the ski patrol is out there every day, all day no matter how cold the winter conditions.

On Mountain Anything

Here’s another lifestyle hack for skiers and snowboarders: just move the job up the mountain. Ski resorts are packed with on-mountain jobs. From lift attendants, to on-mountain ambassadors, to restaurant workers, there’s plenty to do up above the lift line. Just throw on your gear and head to work.


Pretty much the world’s largest Zamboni, who wouldn’t want the keys to a $300,000 grooming machine. And guess what? Most grooming takes place at night, which will free you up for maximum vertical during the daytime. Enroll in a course on snowcat operation, get certified, and get out there!


Take your passion for photography out into one of the most photogenic landscapes that exists: ski resorts in the winter. You can spend your day out in the beauty of the mountains snapping photos of the great outdoors like you probably would on your day off. And hey, who’s gonna notice if you sneak a quick run in? We certainly won’t tell.

Now Go Get a Ski Job

Now, once you’ve decided which dream job is for you, check out our other resources that will help you make a great first impression and be prepared for your interview.

Did we forget any great winter jobs? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add to the list!