5 Interview Tips To Help You Land Your Dream Job

10/18/2018 by by admin

You’ve done the work to apply and have finally secured an interview for a job in your dream location. Congrats! Now it’s time to nail the interview. Here are five tips on scoring your dream job in your dream location.

1. Know the company or brand inside and out. Get a sense of “who” the company is before you head to your interview. Read through their website and scroll through their Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Make sure you are familiar with their service offerings and have a sense for their company culture and tone. Know the story about why they started, when they opened and what they specialize in. It’s also always good to know a little bit about the person conducting the interview. Check out the interviewer’s LinkedIn and their social pages. Find a common ground that you can talk about, like a mutual contact or a shared hobby. It will break the ice.

2. Experience the brand and/or company for yourself. If you’re applying to a resort, visit the resort and walk around the property. If you’re applying at a restaurant, grab lunch before you interview. It’s important to experience the business/product firsthand so you can speak confidently to your own personal experience during the interview. The interviewer will appreciate that.

3. Prepare your answers. Make notes and prepare for your interview questions prior to the actual interview. There’s nothing worse than being caught off guard during an interview. Don’t overlook the traditional questions either like, “What’s your biggest weakness and biggest strength?” This Inc. article is a great resource for typical questions to help you prep. It’s better to over prepare than under prepare for an interview, so rehearse your responses. During the interview, it’s ok to pause and think about the question that was just asked. Gather your thoughts and respond when you’re ready.

4. Dress the part. If you’re able to find out what type of dress code the company encourages ahead of time, great. Regardless, try to dress as professional as possible. Pick out your outfit the day before and make sure your shirt isn’t wrinkled, there’s no holes in your clothing and spend some time pampering your hair and face. If you look good, chances are you’ll feel more confident.

5. Come prepared. Bring a few copies of your resume to the interview as a leave behind. Before the interview identify a few references that you can supply. Reach out to those references and make sure they are willing to provide a reference if needed. Now, you’re ready to nail that interview! Still need help getting an interview? No problem. Hop on PeakSeason.com and find your dream job today!

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